Dear Colorado Resident,
Your household has been randomly selected to participate in the 2022 Public Attitudes About Colorado Agriculture Survey! The Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado State University have been conducting a public attitudes survey about every five years since 1996 to gauge public perception about various agricultural topics and issues including land and water use, agricultural practices, food security, agricultural labor, climate change, and more.

We greatly appreciate your time. We realize your time is valuable, but every question is important. Information compiled from this survey will help provide the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado’s agricultural community important insights, helping to prioritize what is important to rural, suburban, and urban Colorado residents, farmers, and ranchers.

The survey data will be compiled and analyzed by ETC Institute, one of the nation’s leading firms in the field of governmental research. Your individual responses to the survey and information will remain confidential. Key findings from the survey, in summary form, will be made public by the Colorado Department of Agriculture at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact Esther Campbell, Senior Research Analyst at ETC Institute, at or (913) 829-1215.

Thank you for helping the Colorado Department of Agriculture protect and maintain the agricultural community!